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Narrated Introductions to Capability Security

A series of narrated presentations about capability security, on the desktop, in distributed systems, and in peer-to-peer applications. These presentations are designed to show what capability security looks like from a user perspective -- including a demonstration of CapDesk, our capability-secure desktop.

A Security Analysis of the Combex DarpaBrowser Architecture
by David Wagner and Dean Tribble

This Darpa sponsored review of the Combex DarpaBrowser architecture concludes by saying:

We wish to emphasize that the web browser exercise was a very difficult problem.  It is at or beyond the state of the art in security, and solving it seems to require invention of new technology.  If anything, the exercise seems to have been designed to answer the question: Where are the borders of what is achievable?  The E capability architecture seems to be a promising way to stretch those borders beyond what was previously achievable, by making it easier to build security boundaries between mutually distrusting software components.  In this sense, the experiment seems to be a real success.  Many open questions remain, but we feel that the E capability architecture is a promising direction in computer security research and we hope it receives further attention.
[emphasis added]